10 Ways to Save on Travel Insurance

travel1. Travel Often: Consider a Multi-Trip/Annual Plan. They end up being significantly cheaper and more convenient than single trip plans, if you travel more than once or twice per year.

2. Travel in Twos? Make sure to take advantage of Companion Discounts. Your travelling companion does not have to be a family member – as long as your travel arrangements and trip dates are the same.

3. Travelling with Family? Get Family Rates which are much less expensive than individual rates for families of 3 or more.

4. Like to Bundle? An All-Inclusive Plan will cover medical emergencies and unexpected events like trip cancellation, trip interruption, and/or lost/stolen baggage.

5. Travelling with Friends? Group Rates are typically better than rates for individuals. Your group doesn’t even have to be that large. Groups as small as 5 can save big!

6. Are you a Risk Taker? Adding a Deductible means saving on the total cost of your travel insurance. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium.

7. Always plan in Advance? Buy your travel insurance early to take advantage of possible Early Bird Rates for Snowbirds.

8. Not your Birthday yet? Buy before your special day and you could save a good chunk of cash! Travel insurance rates are most often based on your age at the time of purchase, not at the time of travel.

9.  Travelling Longer? Save money by purchasing a Travel Insurance Top-Up rather than buying a whole new plan for the remainder of your trip.

10. No plans to visit the USA? Purchase a Non-USA plan to take advantage of the savings!

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