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Eat Well for a Better Retirement

healthy foodOne of the unfortunate side effects of a prosperous society, that most of us enjoy, is the ability for afford things and this includes food. According to some sources, as much as one-third of the North American population is now obese. Eating well does not mean the expensive, processed, or caloric dense foods, so readily available.

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Top 10 Reasons to have an Estate Plan

Estate planning 2You’ve worked hard for many years, likely decades, to get where you are today. It can all be taken away in a matter of moments without proper plans in place. Estate planning starts by considering the events and changes that death or serious illness will bring. Then it tries to improve the situation for you and your heirs.

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The Art of Downsizing

small apartment 1As many approach or enter retirement, there is often a reluctance to make a change in their residence. There are even schemes that capitalize on this reluctance called reverse mortgages. They promise you that you can stay in your home and access all the cash you want to make ends meet, go on your dream vacation or help family members. This is simply a way to take advantage of a desire to maintain a possibly unrealistic lifestyle.

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