Emergency Medical Travel Insurance


NOTICE: Coronavirus – Am I Covered?

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation is constantly evolving and I understand that you will have questions & concerns about your travel insurance coverage and the benefits of your ’emergency medical travel insurance.’

If you are currently on a trip, or planning on travelling, I’m here to help, so feel free to send me an email https://bertraminsurance.ca/contact-us/ or call me directly at 1-866-657-3882.

Keep in mind that information is changing with little or no notice, so I strongly advise that you regularly check in with the Canadian Government’s Travel Advisory site: https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories


Snowbirds & Travelling Canadians

Are you a Canadian planning a trip out of country? Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance before your trip. Although you may have coverage under your provincial health care plan, it will not cover the bulk of your medical expenses should you have an accident or fall ill while in the U.S. or overseas. In fact, it won’t simply leave you out of pocket; it may actually break the bank.

Longer trips could find you without coverage unless you request an extension from your provincial government. Did you know that your health care plan will come to an end if you spend over the maximum number of consecutive days (e.g., 212 for Ontario) outside of the country? Don’t worry—a quick and easy solution is at your fingertips. You might be surprised at how affordable travel insurance can be!

Canada Plan

Provides medical coverage at a great price while you travel outside your province or territory of residence, within Canada. Hospital rates and other services may vary in price from Ontario to another province or territory. This insurance provides benefits to fill in the gaps in coverage and price differences for services provided by the province or territory you are visiting.

Visitors to Canada

Visitors to Canada insurance is important if you are a visitor, a new immigrant, or a Canadian coming home after a long stay abroad. A hospital stay in Canada can cost over $3,000 a day while a doctor’s visit may be over $300 for a non-resident. Returning Canadians may not be aware that the wait to renew their provincial health care coverage can be anywhere from three to six months. Visitors to Canada insurance will cover unexpected medical costs while you wait.

Super Visa

“Super Visa” requirements for overseas parents and grandparents state that applicants need insurance in order to be eligible for this program. Visitors to Canada products fit the bill – with a minimum of $100,000 in coverage – we’ve got your stay in Canada covered.

Manulife Super Visa

International Students

International Student insurance provides medical coverage for students from abroad studying full-time in Canada. It features additional benefits that are not found in a travel medical plan, such as annual general check-ups and emergency psychiatric treatment.

Expatriate Insurance

Are you living out-of-country for an extended period of time? As you expand your cultural horizons and test the limits of your imagination, it may be hard to see how your health fits into the picture. Let us paint the picture for you: Spending long periods of time away from home increases the possibility of experiencing a medical emergency or falling ill. As you will no longer be covered under a basic health insurance plan back home, let Expatriate Insurance cover you for non-emergency medical expenses, and protect you in the event of a medical emergency. You don’t want high medical costs sending you home.