Living Benefit


Your entire lifestyle is protected by your income. Have you considered how you would maintain your current lifestyle if you became disabled, critically ill, or unable to perform your daily activities? Although no one likes to think about being injured or becoming ill you can’t afford to ignore the possibility.


A disability plan is an essential benefit that can protect you anywhere in the world 24 hours a day in case of disability due to an injury or illness.

Consider ‘income replacement’ benefits with a Traditional Disability Plan or a Guaranteed Issue Disability Plan. We offer a variety of plans designed for the self-employed, for individuals with or without remunerative work, and those in high risk occupations.

Manulife Disability Needs Analysis
Edge – Disability Product Overview
Edge – Roadside Product Overview

Critical Illness

By subscribing to Critical Illness coverage you are providing yourself with a safety net that will allow you to face a critical illness without financial worry.
Suffering a critical illness is more common than you think and can be a life-changing event.

This year alone:

  • 150,000 Canadians will suffer a heart attack
  • 145,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer
  • 50,000 Canadians will have a stroke

With vast medical progresses over recent decades people diagnosed with a critical illness will most likely survive and continue to live productive lives for many years:

  • 80% of hospitalized heart attack patients survive
  • 80% of stroke patients survive the initial event
  • Most people diagnosed with MS are expected to live a normal lifespan

Benefits and Options:

  • A tax free cash settlement that you can use however you wish without any restrictions.
  • Affordable financial support when you need it the most.
  • Rider: Return of Premiums at Surrender: You may obtain a partial refund of the premiums paid as early as year ten, or a 100% refund at any time after 15 years depending on the plan. If you do not receive a lump sum benefit for a critical illness you can get all of your premiums returned.
  • Rider: Return of Premium at Death: If during the policy period you do not use the lump sum benefit and die prematurely of something other than a critical illness, the premiums paid into the plan are paid out to your beneficiary.

Most Critical Illness plans are fully underwritten and are based on your current health status, and family history. We offer Traditional Critical Illness insurance as well as Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness plans:
Edge – Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness Brochure


Long Term Care & In-Home Care

Why is Long Term Care or In-Home Care insurance necessary?

Concern is growing, particularly among ‘baby boomers’ that people are going to outlive their assets. Will their savings be enough to cover the cost of Long Term Care? Will they be able to choose between home and facility care if they become ill? Will they become a financial and emotional burden on their families and friends?

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, 42% of people who turned 65 in 1990 will spend time in a nursing home before they die.
New technology and medical breakthroughs are prolonging life; but at the same time contributing to a greater number of people living longer with chronic disabling conditions.

As the burden of health care shifts more and more to the individual, Long Term Care insurance offers protection and security.

Benefits & Options:

  • Provides a tax-free daily benefit amount in the event of long term illness or disability.
  • Offers an alternative to using assets to finance long term care costs.
  • Enables you to remain in your home as long as possible.
  • Allows you to choose a facility that meets your standards of care, comfort & location.
  • Safeguards your hard earned retirement assets, children’s inheritance, and plans for charitable giving.

Most importantly, Long Term Care insurance protects your quality of life, independence, freedom of choice, and dignity.