Investing for Retirement or Saving for a Vacation?

Do you consider yourself to be a savvy investor, a novice investor, or something in between? What are your financial goals? Are you a conservative or risky investor? Do you want to save your money, or protect your capital and create wealth? Whatever your dreams and goals, I’m here to teach you about where to invest and why some funds are different than others, and to show you ways to set your goals, stay on track, and pave your way to a successful retirement.
Now is the time for current investors to top up their retirement savings plans and new investors to talk about planning for the future.

If you would like me to review of your current portfolio, or you are just thinking about starting a new investment savings plan, give me a call. I will provide you with solid financial advice along with some ‘tax smart’ strategies to get the most out of your investment dollars.

Your trusted financial advisor,

Shelley Bertram Fallis 705.657.3882 or 1.866.657.3882

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