Desjardins – Guarantee Advantage

Guarantee Advantage is an excellent alternative to GICs. The product is a ‘market linked term investment’ that offers a guaranteed minimum return over a 3 or 5 year term with risk free access to securities, of well established companies.

The current campaign is offering up to 10% over a 3 year term and up to 25% over a 5 year term. (Current Campaign – Deadline for deposits: March 27, 2015).  Campaigns run four or five times a year and rate offerings will vary.

More Features:

– higher return potential than fixed interest term investments

– no portfolio management or management fees

– can be surrendered anytime

– minimum investment of $500

– deposits accepted up to age 95

– eligible for registered plans including TFSAs

– protected by Assuris

What the Banks Can’t Give you When you choose Desjardins:  click here

Contact me to request more information on the current campaign.

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